I was in the Murphy band from 1958 to 1961. The band director was Ira Swingle. I
played trumpet and was first chair second trumpet my senior year. there were about 8
trumpet players. Mr.. Swingle was a virtuoso musician and could play several
instruments. He had perfect pitch. He could hear a car horn out on the street and
say, "That was a C sharp!" 
He also had a very short temper and screamed at us a lot, especially out on the
practice field. I don't know why, but he was dismissed as band director in 1961.
During my senior year, several of us band members (including me) went on a trip with
the National Guard Dixie Division Band. We wore Confederate uniforms. We flew in a
C-119 Flying Boxcar to Miami for a Veteran's parade. That was my first flight in an
airplane and we had to wear parachutes during the flght!  When I got back, I learned
that I was to be suspended from school for missing a few days of class. However, I
got off with just a lecture from the Dean. I also had to give a public apology to
each of my classes.

John Craig Shaw

PS: I had Mr. Claude Dahmer as a band director in Junior High at Sidney Phillips.