Congrats to the Murphy High School Colorguard 2018-2019

PLEASE join the new REMIND by texting @eb986k to 81010 Either you or a parent must be on this by Friday, May 4th.


*missing paper work. If your teacher references and forms signed by parents by Friday, May 4th. you will lose your spot on the Guard. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

1 Adrienne Minefield

2. Aireyal Chambers*

3. Bailey Scopolites

4. Carley Mattingly* (Alternate)

5. Deanna Scopolites

6. Lauren Kerr

7. Haley Phelps

8. Jaisha Bennett*

9. Jakyla Lewis

10. Jamaya Jones* (Alternate)

11. Kourtlyn Harris*

12. Makaylah Carey

13.Mylasha Henderson

14. Talia Tolbert

15. Zoey Fowler*

Alternates, this means that you have a temporary place on the line. At the end of the summer you will be reconsidered for a spot on the line by being tested on skills acquired.